who we are

The Mount Druitt Ethnic Communities Agency is an independent community based organisation dedicated to informing, linking and empowering people from culturally diverse backgrounds to enhance a culturally rich and diverse Australia.

MECA works with local people to identify the needs of, and improve settlement services to, migrants, refugees and emerging communities in the suburbs of Mount Druitt and the wider Blacktown Local Government Area. MECA aims to build resilient communities by providing appropriate orientation, information, referrals and assistance. MECA also works with communities, individuals, government and service providers to promote community capacity building and social cohesion.

MECA provides specialist youth services, which include community development, youth leadership and education and learning programs. The organisation is dedicated to improving social and economic outcomes for young people and promoting participation and inclusion in the broader community.

To support actively engaged community members for the purpose of enhancing and growing a more dynamic, cohesive, diverse, inclusive and resilient community.
Provide a dynamic environment for working collaboratively with refugee communities to identify strengths, create innovative solutions and support implementation through action.
Inclusive of all who come with a need. Flexible and responsive to the needs of our clients and community. Dynamic and active in the way we approach the community and seek opportunities to provide services to our clients.

what we do

The Mount Druitt Ethnic Communities Agency (MECA) provides casework, advocacy, information, educational support, employment and education pathways support, referral, projects and services to migrants, refugees, young people and the wider community. Casework services are delivered by bilingual workers that specialise in the provision of culturally appropriate assistance in a number of community languages including explaining the contents of documents, material assistance with bills and assistance with the negotiation of private and government institutions such as Centrelink.

Referrals are also provided by caseworkers for clients that require specialised services not offered by MECA such as domestic violence or age care support. Project workers and caseworkers are both involved in advocacy and representing the interests of our clients to government agencies such as Housing NSW, businesses such as private real estate agents and other nongovernment service providers. Information is delivered through formal group sessions and informal one-on-one meetings.

Information provided covers a broad range of topics from social life in Australia, employment and training pathways, to educational options for children and young people. Other educational support programs include after school programs, homework support, computer literacy and English lessons. Recreational activities for young people also operate during school holidays. Young people between 12-24 years of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds participate in activities such as adventure, craft and performing arts. All of the activities, programs and projects run by MECA are informed by the communities we work with. They are designed to assist new migrants and refugees to settle into Australian society and become valuable members of the community, through skills development and culturally sensitive information delivery.


Enhancing and supporting effective transition, settlement and community connection

Working with the community to identify, navigate and address structural barriers to equal participation

Activating individuals and communities to identify skills and strengths to reach their potential and maximise their opportunities

Strengthening diversity by enhancing and connecting our multicultural community


MECA aims to provide a dynamic environment
for working collaboratively with refugee communities to identify strengths, create
innovative solutions and support
implementation through action.

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