MECA’s mentoring program is an innovative partnership with the NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS), TAFE , Western Sydney University ‘Academy’ & office of participation & Widening opportunity and Chifley High school and Colleges in Mount Druitt.

Many of the mentors are recruited through the partnership with WSU Academy and TAFE provided training in Accidental counselling and mentoring. Mentees are referred by teachers, those who are at risk of disengaging, newly arrived refugees and in need of extra support.

STARTTS facilitate FICT (Families in Cultural Transition) topics as discussion-starters with mentors and mentees. These include: being young in Australia, dealing with loss, pressure from family & friends, employment, exploring personal skill sets and more.

Every semester there is a graduation held at WSU, mentees, mentors, parents and teachers do a tour together exploring opportunities and pathways for study, and there is an opportunity to hear from other students, their challenges and successes.

We have received great feedback from teachers, mentors and mentees about the program and the avenues of support that are provided due to the partnership.

Girl Skils

Girl SKILS is a collaboration of Mount Druitt Ethnic Communities Agency (MECA), Chifley College Mount Druitt and Creative Training and Coaching. The program works with young women from a refugee background between the ages of 14-16, living in Mount Druitt. In particular the program supports young people who may have demonstrated difficulty with settlement, experienced social tension or expressed feelings of exclusion and isolation. The young women are provided with education and mentoring that focuses on the development of social and emotional literacy by enhancing key social and emotional skills. By providing a safe environment and using a research backed behavioural approach the program grows a community in Mount Druitt of young women who see the potential in their inherent strengths and capabilities and use these for positive outcomes.

Case Study

One of the participants explains her journey through the 10-week program.

“When my English teacher at school told me about the Girl SKILS program I didn’t really know what to expect but she said that it was my choice if I wanted to attend and told me it would work on stuff like family relationships and goal setting. A few girls in the class above had done the program and said they really liked it so I thought I would give it a go. I was a bit nervous the first session but there were eleven other girls doing the program so I tried to have an open mind.

The teacher Claudia was so amazing, she told us all about what we were going to do stuff like finding out our values and working on how to talk to our parents and teachers, I was surprised it was so fun. Over the weeks we did heaps of activities, learnt about ourselves and each other and I felt like I opened up a lot and grew in confidence. It’s really hard coming to school from another country, I felt like a had some breathing space to understand myself and this helped me to plan for the future. I also learnt how to stand up for myself without getting angry and responding badly to others. I feel really happy that I have learnt all these new skills and that I now have an idea about what are my really great strengths and what I can do with them for my future career. It’s nice to feel included”

Theatre Partnership

Young migrants and refugees in Mount Druitt have regularly expressed a desire to link up with professional organisations and artists in order to develop their filmmaking skills with a view to creating works that focus on pertinent social issues relevant to the local community. This need has led to an amazing partnership between MECA and The Joan. The Joan, The Q and studio Q: The Q is a contemporary theatre production program based at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, Penrith (aka The Joan). The Q has evolved from the creative lineage of The Q Theatre Company and its more than fifty years of commitment to the presentation and production of new theatre works.

studioQ is part of the drama training arm of The Q, offering acting courses for young people and people living with a disability. We believe that the best way to learn skills in theatre is to do what real actors and directors do everyday – participants will be considered a ‘young artist’ preparing for rehearsals and performances, led by a tutor who is actively involved in the theatre industry.

The collaboration between MECA and the Joan has led to the development of theatre workshops as part of studioQ 2017’s Term 1 and Term 2 schedule. These workshops have provided a group of young people form a refugee background with access to theatre Workshops that up-skill the young artists in basic professional script-writing and acting abilities, tailored to and developed using the artist’s own practice and style, taught by professional theatre-making teacher artists. The partnership has had some great success and the young participants have even held their own performances for live audiences.


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