Welcome to the 28th Annual Report for
Mt Druitt Ethnic Communities Agency

jo fuller

In my 8th year as Chairperson, I am very pleased to report that the past 12 months have seen MECA go from strength to strength and build further on its reputation for innovation and creativity. We have had a long period of staffing stability and this has given MECA the opportunity to really make the most of the opportunities that have come our way.

For the past 12 months MECA has been funded through the NSW Settlement Partnership, a consortium of community organisations led by Settlement Services International (SSI). As we had hoped, we have been able to build stronger partnerships with the 23 organisations I the consortium and collaborate closely with SydWest Multicultural Services.

We have also been successful in securing a number of grants that have enabled MECA to continue its innovative work with young people in the Mt Druitt community. We secured small grants from Department of Social Services and Blacktown Arts Centre which enabled us to continue our innovative work with young people and performing arts. A grant from Multicultural NSW enabled us to continue our Girl Skils Program in partnership with Chifley High School Mount Druitt and Creative training and Coaching.

MECA has also been able to finalise its Strategic Plan, with support from Noetic. We now have a clear vision for MECA with a comprehensive strategic plan, as well as a one-page summary document that clearly articulates MECA’s story for funding bodies and partners. We are certainly very grateful to Noetic for the time and support that they provided to help us get to this point.

We have developed a partnership with John-K who produces amazing movies and we hope to be able to work more with emerging artists to encourage and support talent. We became an industry supporter of the PwC 21st Century Minds Program which is focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) education initiatives.

The fact that MECA has gone from strength to strength is definitely due to our amazing staff. Amie, Yousef, Raeanne, Holly, Daniel and Fadi are all great assets to MECA. It is therefore with great sadness that we farewell Holly who has been the driving force of many of our innovative programs such as Girl SKILZ. Holly has moved on to a position with SSI which is fabulous for them but definitely sad for MECA. We wish her all the very best in her future career, and thank her for all she contributed to MECA.

Managers Report

Our greatest strength is our connection to the community. Our most laudable achievements come from the collaborations and partnerships we have with other service providers in the local area.

amie hope

We are very pleased to bring you the 2016-17 Annual Report in what has been an exciting, challenging and productive year. We, as an organisation, remain unwavering in our commitment to our people and our community despite working within an uncertain government policy environment, the result of which has seen a number of smaller organisations lose their funding. This year we have redoubled our efforts to ensure our sustainability as a community organisation and have put in place a robust governance structure focusing on accountability and measurement. This has included implementing a comprehensive database and client management system to efficiently capture and to measure the important work we carry out. In addition to this, and in line with our dedication to excellence in service delivery, we are continuing to pursue accreditation under the Quality Improvement Council (QIC) service standards with the assistance of the Quality Performance Innovation (QIP).

MECA has been focusing on collaborative action within the community in order to create positive social change. This has enabled us to continue to build on the strong relationships we maintain with government and local service providers. We have lead, and participated in, a number of local initiatives that have fostered greater community cohesion and enhanced social capital

These results have been particularly gratifying during times of social and political turmoil. In addition to this, MECA was granted Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status by the Australian Taxation Office last year. This has enabled us to focus on building relationships with the corporate sector, which, in turn, has allowed us to diversify our funding streams. We look forward to reporting on our partnerships and many corporate funding successes in the coming year. This year we have worked intensively with the Management Committee, staff, key stakeholders and the community to reshape and refocus MECA’s priorities in order to develop a coherent and strategic plan for the future. This reassessment was vital in maintaining MECA’s relevance and responsiveness for the purpose of harnessing the strengths of our community, whilst simultaneously addressing its needs.

As an organisation, our greatest strength is our connection to the community. Our most laudable achievements come from the collaborations and partnerships we have with other service providers in the local area. The ongoing pursuit of this method of community engagement is of utmost importance to us. One of the many advantages that this practice confers is the ability to respond flexibly to community need. Specifically, it allows the community itself to craft our programs and services to address issues collaboratively in a timely manner. Creating programs and services that reflect and capitalise on this practice has been of ongoing focus within the organisation.

MECA aims to provide a dynamic
environment for working collaboratively with refugee communities to identify strengths,
create innovative solutions and support implementation through action.
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