Amie Hope


Seeing staff building resilience in communities, volunteers learning new skills, young people putting on their own events, clients gaining citizenship and hearing the laughter verberate the walls of MECA
Yousef Ammar
Bilingual Caseworker
We have exceeded our target, by recording the highest number of clients served. Cases such as Centrelink, Housing, DV, Legal aid and immigration issues related. Over 10 clients received a permanent house from NSW housing department due to MECA’s assistance. Our Driving program assisting in attracting new faces, aiding our clients who were able to gain their driving licence. We were able to reduce the number of clients involved in offences through dedicated driving education and knowledge.
Daniel Gobena


I feel blessed to have the opportunity to coordinate FICT-Mentoring program at Chifley College Dharruk & Chifley seniors College Mt. Druitt. It is a joy to see the confidence and sense of purpose of young people come alive. It was win-win for all including mentors, teachers and facilitators; we all felt like we received more than we gave. It was a team effort​.

Raeanne Ali

Bilingual Caseworker

There is nothing better than seeing clients confidently address their own challenges and feel like a valuable member of the community.

Holly Corpe
Whilst Holly is now working over at Settlement Services International – the MECA team, Management Committee and Mount Druitt community want to thank Holly for the amazing work she did and the incredible impact she had on the community throughout her time at MECA.

Management Committee

Jo Fuller


Stephen Gummerson

Deputy Chairperson

Farabi Chowdhury

Public Officer / Treasurer

Garry Everson


Mawa Sannoh


Abbas Raza Alvi


Moisema Fofana



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